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About Deft Architects

Deft Architects fulfils its role of enhancing the experience of the everyday. We create buildings freed from the reality of clutter and expressing the needs of the people who will use them. Deft is experienced in the design of residential, multi-residential, houses, high-rise towers, institutional, commercial and hospitality projects. We also prepare feasibility studies on potential future projects. At Deft, we enjoy working with clients one-on-one, exploring different scenarios and carefully choosing coherent ideas that lead to the best outcome for the client.

Gregor Strachotta

Gregor is the founder of Deft Architects. His diverse skills extend from fine joinery making to strategic foresight scenario writing. This has lent him a passion for creating projects that foster deep insights, evoke positive emotions and inform choreographed designs across a broad range of outcomes.

Gregor is a registered architect with a Masters of Architecture (Honors) from the University of Queensland and a degree from the Swinburne Business School. He has extensive experience working with private clients and owners of real estate on their exciting and idea-rich future projects. He has been privileged to have worked with many established successful firms such as BVN, John Wardle Architects, SJB and Allen Jack + Cottier.

Gregor regularly writes articles for leading magazines on architecture, urban design and the future of society.

Rise of Shared Ownership

Shared ownership is becoming an attractive and sophisticated way of owning a place and is also a very lucrative way to reduce building costs.

Probable, Preferred, Plausible and Possible Futures

I believed the architect to be the person who was capable of influencing society through bringing their vision to bear on the build environment, the value of the architect being able to envision preferred futures. But, has the profession been slow to evolve within this changing context and lost track of its own future? This article adopted the methodology of scenario writing to generate a cross section of possible scenarios for the future of the architecture profession.